Douglas C-124A Globemaster II


  1. Douglas C-124A Globemaster, Military Air Transport Service, 1954.

Douglas C-124A Globemaster II

RODEN #306 / 1:144 Modern Aircraft


The C-124 Globemaster was a large American transport airplane of 1949 developed by the Douglas aircraft company from its predecessor the С-74. The С-124 was the largest transport aircraft in the world at that time and carried out important missions moving American troops to various corners of the world. Apart from military service, airplanes of this type were also used for the delivery of scientific expeditions to the Antarctic continent. The С-124 was used by the United States Air Force Military Air Transport Service up to the mid 1960's, and US Air National Guard units used them until 1974. On the whole 448 machines of this type were produced.

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