Boeing 720 N7224U



Boeing 720 N7224U "Caesar's Chariot" Led Zeppelin North American Tour, Summer 1977

RODEN #317 / 1:144 Modern Aircraft


Boeing 720 'Caesar's Chariot' - plane converted from the standard passenger layout to a 45-seater luxury version, ordered by the famous Caesar's Palace hotel and casino in Las Vegas. In 1977 it was hired by the well-known rock group Led Zeppelin for their tour to the USA, because their previous plane 'The Starship' had engine problems and couldn't fly.

During the tour the Led Zeppelin logo and the logo of their Swan Song record label was placed on the fuselage. After the end of the tour the plane was returned to its owners, and in 1986 it was acquired by the US government for spare part support for the KC-135 tankers, and gradually taken apart.

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